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October 29, 2013
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Bought it from the black guys hanging around the Sanlitun area.
Yes,I know, bad idea. See report below.

Most likeyl contains a small amount of MDxx and God knows what. Taste was slightly bitter and some other flavour i couldn't really put a finger on it, somewhat slightly sweet.
Suspected Contents
MDxx + Unknown
User Report

11:30 - Took the pill

12:00 - No effects yet (Note that for me it usually takes quite a while for the pill to show physical reactions, even with clean TESTED pills)

00:30 - Huge pupils, started feeling like dancing, could feel the coming up and was looking forward to a night out dancing

01:00 - I was drinking a coke, but I couldn't bear it anymore, it was ridiculously sweet. The come up got interrupted and I feel rather anxious and a bit drunk (I haven't had any alcohol).

After that I couldn't dance anymore, was not in the mood. Started talking to someone and sat down, but felt more and more uncomfortable and anxious. On the dancefloor I felt hot and outdoor I felt cold.

02:00 - I finally leftthe club, not in a good mood, back to my home. I couldn't smoke anymore cigarettes as it tasted disgusting.

I then lied down in my bed, but couldn't sleep. My body now felt very uncomfortable, difficult to describe. I just knew, there was a lot of bad stuff in that pill. I got worried, felt my pulse and checked my body temperature, but both were fine (so I assume no PMA). I felt like shit, depressed, worried, annoyed.

03:30 - I started having some hallucinogenic effects, similar to a low dose 2c-b. That's when I knew: I'm not gonna sleep for a long while. Eventually tried to do some autogenic training to relax my body, which helped a bit, but then started having acoustic hallucinations (which was interesting but not fun that moment).

Somehow I managed spending the night lying awake in bed. It was NO fun experience. There must be a lot of toxic waste in that pill and I'm just glad I'm now fine again.
The next day I had some headache and generally just felt totally wasted and hung over.

Yes I know, I curse myself for having bought from the black guys. 2-3 years ago, I ALWAYS got clean MDMA pills (or at least MDA) from them, never had a bad trip. So I thought lets give it another try.

But I got it, thanks life. Don't get candies from a man on the street. Facepalm myself.

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partiedoutpete (member since April 17, 2014)

Thanks for the warning. I've wondered about the quality of the stuff those guys sell.

It sounds like you had a rough night. I know the feeling. Can't sleep, hallucinating, fever like symptoms and loads of paranoia. I just wouldn't risk taking chemically produced drugs in China. Stay safe mate.

April 17, 2014, 4:51 am GMT