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September 27, 2005
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mod you may delete my other post if you feel the need, i am just re-posting this pill because i finally ate one.

let me start off by saying i am rating this pill a 10 because i have never in my life had such a long, strong, and clean roll.

i've been trying for so long to catpure that magical feeling that i felt that first time, and these blue snoopys did the fucking trick.

first off let me start out by saying around 6:30 i dropped a green superman after eating 3 1.5 nights ago.

my tolerance was way up, and i barley felt anything so i ate another one. which again, pretty much tweaked me out with a really shitty roll.

a friend comes out with a blue snoopy and is like you think i should drop this? im like fuck yeah do it up, and he does.

hour later he's rollin balls sayin dude i think these are the real deal, lets go split one.

so we go get it and i drop a half and head back to town.

NICE rolling comin up, very clean, veeeeeery good feeling, OMFG i couidlnt believe it.

dropped another .5 and was TWEAKED cuz of the damn superman, decide to drop a full and OMG...WOW

i've never rolled so hard, omfg if you can get ur hands on these DO IT..omg...what a fucking night.

music was so solid, life was PERFECT, i was rolling and LOVING existance. WHAT A GOOD PILL...GET THEM..

i have no doubts on sleeping, i feel so fucking good i cant explain, its been at least 5 hours since i dropped the last one and im fucking good..OMFG


well i didnt sleep, but its most def from the meth in that damn superman. I layed in my bed and rolled hard, still sweating, for 2 hours listeing to some good trance sets. its 12:04 pm and i still feel fucking great with a NICE afterglow...these pills come up and down smooooth as fucking butter...i still can't believe how good i was feeling on these, i can't wait to drop them again!!
i must say i am super impressed with these damn pills!

its 1:40 and i still feel a fucking HEAVY afterglow.

let me comcluded this report by saying i had a beautiful connection with the music while coming down, so good that it almost had me in tears. i've never had that happen before...god this substance is amazing


no involentary eye wiggles
music was fucking ubelieveable
body felt fucking incredible
glowsticks looked sick
liquiding was awesome
sittin, standing, EVERYTHING felt awesome

im serious guys this was the best MDMA pill ive had in FOREVER, i got 3 more to save last night. everything had that magical feel to it, and i didnt have to force myself to roll/smile/feel good on these pills. that warm fuzzy wonderfullfeeling peak was present for a good 2.5 hours after i dropped the second FULL pill, with a tolerance of 3 GREEN SUPERMANS within 36, and 2 more not even 5 hours prior.

I will report again when i drop a single pill after a long break.
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