Pill Report: White Dolphin
White Dolphin

Brno, Moravia, CZ

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February 25, 2013
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The situation with White Dolphins has become really strange in the Czech Republic :-/

Consumed it for the first time in July 2012, they were really great! 1 pill a night with all good effects! Lasted around 4hours.

We even got two different heights of the pills - consumed the 30mm version at the weekend, still have left 40mm version (see the pic).

The interesting thing about the weekend situation. We thought we got a similar pills to the ones from summer (though it was from a different source which supplied us for some time) but when we were at the party and joined some group of ppl, found out that half of the ppl at the even were going on that stuff. White Dolphins nearly everywhere...

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May 3, 2013
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I'm sorry for a bit longer report.
Unfortunately, I don't have a possibility to test the pills so far but I'm pretty sure it wasn't so good.

* Please, if you have any comments to it, don't hesitate to bring it on. Myself, I have some questions too.

We drunk some bacardi&coke before, 4 drinks each? It was a pure techno.

00.00 entrance, 0.5 pill each
00.30 lights getting more vivid
00.50 dancing is getting better, starting to sweat, already thinking about one more half
1.05 onset, fun and dancing
1.10 toilet (not the 1st time), good mood, feeling my tongue getting more sensitive
1.20 getting 'horny/passionate' and feeling I need to kiss, touch myself (and the girl with me), have really 'boom feeling'. 'WOW effect' - looking all around the girls and saying 'Woooow, wooow' :) quite fun actually!
1.30 still going on
1.45 crazy kissing a girl, touching myself, her, feeling great 2.00 DJ changing, totally sweaty, dancing
- me eating half, the girl 1/4
2.30 Dancing dancing :) Peeing without problems (with high mdma there would be a problem), easy walking/legs. Thinking about I haven't taken enough :D
2x puking reflex (but no puke during the whole night), good feeling
2.40 again onset, peace maker, positive, sensitive touching
2.50 feeling good vibes, might be the peak of the night, recording a funny video
2.55-3.05 in total 5x puke reflex
3.20 feeling a bit lost while going to the toilet
3.25 needed to buy bacardi&coke, the girl feels sick, i'm ok and drinking
the girl needs to sit for 15mins, getting better
4.00 dancing
4.20 the girl feels tired and bored (doesn't enjoy techno in general actually),start yawning
5.00-5.30 me good dancing, steady techno, trying to invent new dancing moves, the girl is sitting, looking at me and feeling fucked up
5.30 leaving the party

On the way home, I was like on speed, talking and shouting my 'night motto'

To conclude:
No fast and hard chewing at all, pupils big, sweating, no peeing problems, that WOW/kissing effect, no really lost and totally fucked up state of big eyes and look etc.

In 30mins after the party, the girl fell asleep with headphones on in the bus, me started feeling really tired. After coming home, had a sex (no problem with erection of libido which i have after high mdma), fell asleep easily. Slept for 6-7 hours. Following day normal, no speed up day, no depression at all I guess. I could think and write creatively etc. After last mdma high (my assumption), I was like on speed the following day, 2nd day depression, problem with focusing etc, 3rd day ok more or less, with this nothing like that.

I have one 30mm pill left and two 40mm pills (maybe they could be better? :)). But don't want to take that shit anymore...

It's very interesting that the user 'experienced' had a white dolphin 3 weeks ago too and his report is very positive. Moreover, there some unlike comments...


bearlove (member since August 25, 2008)

Nice detailed report and sounds like a great experience. Maybe the amount of MDMA in these was just around your 'sweet spot'? If you had all the positives that comes with MDMA and non of the negatives you feel after a session maybe the amounts you have been taking were too high?

Without testing then they could be a combination of drugs, one of the many RC's or simply a nice dose pill. To start and guessing the chemical that you have ingested is pretty pointless and not what the site is about.

February 28, 2013, 8:37 am GMT

teresacz (member since March 25, 2013)

We had dolphins with my friends several times at Prague. It was blue pills. We had all good reactions, enjoyed it. Only a one girl had a diarrhea. When it was tested by police ( bcs one girl dead at one party and ingested three of this pills, but none comfirmed that it was after this, maybe combined with something else) they wrote, that this pills are enormously strong. We thing that they are ideal. Enjoy it!!

March 25, 2013, 4:53 pm GMT

drooper (member since May 18, 2012)


I bought pill`s with this logo, and i am realy confused from informations from this report. I measured the diameter and hight of pill`s and result is so interisting>
One pill from 17 pill has hight 4 mm , the texture is pure white. The next pill`s are 3 mm hight (some are between 3 and 3,5 mm) and have very litle gray texture with white pressed crystals on the surface.

My question is: Are this pills OK? I need more opinions, because this report ist not good, and i finded some mistaces here.

About the report:
"Question: Can you recognize, what possible admixtures could be in the pill - the need for touching,kissing,licking feeling?" - pls check the MDMA effects. I think that MDMA is drug of love - when pill have lot of MDMA, you must have this kind of love effects.

March 28, 2013, 10:40 pm GMT

mariobros (member since February 13, 2013)

I edited the report a bit (mostly deleting some parts) cos from that event, I could experienced much better pills and dosage.
Teresacz - I have never even seen the blue dolphins though I know about the case of the dead girl. On the other hand, I heard good buzz about it.
Dooper - I got the same - I reported the 3mm version, still have 4mm but haven't tried it yet. Btw of course I know the mdma effects very well. Since this event, I could try much better stuff (including pure mdma) and still I see these white dolphins are worse than other stuff what I experienced. Yes, there was the kissing/touching effect included but very shortly (10-15min) but more importantly no peeing problems, could have sex (which I normally can't). Also the fact, that the girl had 0.75 of the pill and it didn't work out really well. :-/ I'm just saying I'm not sure about that pill though my experience and feeling was good and I enjoyed the night :-)

April 29, 2013, 3:37 pm GMT