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Red Rocket (WARNING)

South Auckland

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September 26, 2011
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I haven't had these pills nor have I seen them, but these are a dangerous pill and I figured a report should be on them to warn everyone.

I know this isn't typical and if another mod feels it shouldn't be up they can PM me on bluelight because I think it definitely deserves to be here.

If anyone has more details on these please update (actual dimensions, pictures etc).

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September 26, 2011
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Drug users in South Auckland have been put in hospital after taking what they thought were Ecstasy pills that caused them to react so aggressively they needed to be sedated.

Some users suffered violent seizures and hallucinations that shocked staff at Middlemore Hospital's emergency department.

It is thought all the users took pills known as "red rockets".

Six people were treated last weekend and others continued to arrive up until Friday.

Hospital spokeswoman Lauren Young said emergency department staff immediately noticed the behaviours were not what they would usually see with Ecstasy.

The chemical MDMA gained the street name "Ecstasy" for its euphoric effects but drug dealers often cut their product with other chemicals and some Ecstasy contains no MDMA.

"They were behaviours they thought weren't consistent with Ecstasy ... people had been very aggressive and required lots of settling down and sedation."

Ms Young said there had been at least half a dozen cases last week and another two on Friday night.

At least three of the cases were from Pukekohe, where police have issued a warning for anyone who has the red rocket pills not to take them.

It was feared many more pills could be in circulation because it was likely they had been made in large quantities and could now be circulating throughout Auckland's party scene.

The use of Ecstasy, a Class B drug, has been on the rise in New Zealand with most users aged between 25 and 34.

Massey University drugs researcher Dr Chris Wilkins said: "People should be aware they may not be getting MDMA.

"They might get a bunch of chemicals that are entirely different and could include methamphetamine.

"Methamphetamine has got a really bad reputation at the moment as quite a harmful drug. One way to sell methamphetamine is to call it ecstasy and sell it as a powder."


thestudent14 (member since January 31, 2010)

Hallucinations, violent seizures? Sure as hell doesn't sound like meth to me

September 26, 2011, 4:18 pm GMT

kroniic (member since February 17, 2011)

I agree with you that this report should stay up, as we are all about HR.

September 26, 2011, 8:49 pm GMT

bornatubby (Administrator)

+1 Report should stay up, although would be good if someone had more details about this pill. I'm very curious what the pills contains that is making people have these side effects, highly doubt its methamphetamine.. Hallucination and seizures? Its sounding like PMA to me.

September 26, 2011, 11:12 pm GMT

methamphetamine (member since August 7, 2011)

PCP, ketamine, PMA, benzo's and methamphetamine all reserve the above potential properties should the wrong person take it.

Who knows, that's a typified reaction to a user taking it for the first time and the body not agreeing with/ being able to handle the dose, or an OD. methamphetamine is very volatile and can make users do very unprecedented and extraordinarily odd activities and actions upon first time use, even at small doses a novice user is more then prone to the most intense subjective effects of the drug.

I wouldn't be ruling meth out, this could just be a case of 1 person supplying a bunch of uni students with dodgy pills...

@ts14 I don't think you've used meth before........

September 26, 2011, 11:51 pm GMT

painu1992 (member since September 27, 2011)

I read the article on the Herald website. I had an experience with yellow rockets as did friends, I assume they are exactly the same from what I have read. From my experience I think that the "aggressive" side affect may be due to underlying psychological traits that the people who took the pills already had. Neither me or any of the people I know who took the yellow rockets (also rock hard yet very fine when crushed) suffered aggressive behaviour, though hallucinations were experienced. I had quite severe closed and open-eye visuals, though they were not unpleasant, just unexpected. Also couldn't sleep for a long time, couldn't sit still, hot and cold rushes, feeling of a THC high with munchies and giggles. I still have one, should I post a pill report?

September 27, 2011, 5:10 am GMT

seasoned chicken (member since September 27, 2011)

Everyone Please go visit for more info. The general consensus on there is they're.a 2c-x substanc. Due to the level of reactions, it's probably due to a very badly mixed batch with large variation in doses in each pull. So far there are red, yellow and blue rockets. The red and blurs are stronger than the yellows. It's seems like they are 2ce or 2ci at the moment.

September 27, 2011, 9:01 am GMT

junkie skumbag (member since October 8, 2009)

@painu1992 a picture of one of those pills would be great!possably some test results if you have kits too?

September 27, 2011, 2:34 pm GMT

thestudent14 (member since January 31, 2010)

I most certainly have had plenty of meth my friend.
I agree it has potential as a one off. But 6 people all needing to be treated from the same pill with affects including hallucinations and seizures.

One of the 2c-x family would've been my guess too painu1992, but I don't have the neccesary experience to say which one it would be. I've had what I believe is
2c-i but not 2c-e and 2c-i did have these affects (apart from seizures). If these rockets have a high dose of a 2c-x substance I could definitely see it being possible.

September 27, 2011, 4:46 pm GMT

bbbender (member since February 2, 2011)

i agree with thestudent14. i had a 2-ci cap and it was fucking hectic. too much of that would be unbearable. i lost my shit for close to 24hours. solid tripping the whole way through, almost like wen ur trippin on dmt(without the good feeling) for the whole time. was nuts. yeah too much n i see it being able to get violent, jus cause u wouldnt know who u are.

September 28, 2011, 10:26 am GMT

bbbender (member since February 2, 2011)

this might be a picture, sorta hard to see but u can see the size

September 28, 2011, 10:30 am GMT

bbbender (member since February 2, 2011)

Mod Edit - Please be careful when leaving links - I have removed this link as it lead directly to a site selling a variety of substances / vendors.


September 28, 2011, 10:34 am GMT

methamphetamine (member since August 7, 2011)

@ ts14 I meant via shooting.

2-cx is a candidate yes, but putting this is perspective, really, it could have been washing power or windex added to these and sold by one of the many suppliers that don't give a shit about anybody but them selves :).

I think the general consensus is stay away from this particular press, we can speculate till the cows come home but readers will still perceive the message as NO.

September 29, 2011, 10:48 pm GMT

skarfiez (member since November 25, 2011)

yeah definately similiar to dmt and im sure its a triptamine in these pills. had a shitload of blue rockets and went on a mental trip did so much wack shit one of my mates loved the buzz but i didnt. didnt get to sleep at all went out the next day and felt mint like i had 10 hours sleep! theyre alright if you can handle your drugs but other then that definately dont get them.

November 25, 2011, 5:48 pm GMT

ibotlegitimately (member since April 10, 2013)

There isn't much information here, probably because the other users didn't bother to research this.

I want to know what was inside this drug.

I used this drug and was hospitalized. Just to let you know I have experimented regularly with the following drugs and have never experienced anything close to the one I had with the red rocket:

Marijuana, Oils, Hash, Ecstasy/Molly, Salvia(s) (legal drug sold OTC then banned etc), Methamphetamine.

Obviously some of these drugs don't have similar effects but just to give you an understanding that I am somewhat experienced and not your "first timer".

I once thought you could be in control of your actions while under the influence (obviously not 100% because you were experiencing an effect but it's safe to say that becoming extremely violent is under your control).

I was wrong. After the experience with this drug I've stopped drugs altogether, that's how powerful the effect was.

Here's a physical description of the pill I had:
Red/pink colour, circle shaped, cartoon style rocket stamp. Looked like your average street named "ecstasy" pill tbh.

This is where it gets interesting, the effects (I remember):

Now just to start I had a broken beer bottle next to me left over from the previous nights party; as I was snorting this up I felt something in my mind change after the first line, I didn't like the feeling and somehow knew that something was going to go wrong so I threw the broken beer bottle into a bush far away. After that, it wasn't me controlling my body. It was like I was just a passenger in a vehicle who fought for control with a different driver.

I remember bits and pieces of my experience and at times what I was "trying" to do physically, came out differently and I could tell by the peoples reactions around me that I wasn't doing what I thought I was doing. I'm usually a pleasant, easy going, joking friend; but on this I became angry, violent and threatened to kill everyone in the party. The hard part is I did this without knowing it, I didn't know until I was told the next day. Here's a list of what I remember:

Extreme temperature change; at one point I was freezing then burning and this continued for hours.

Inability to control your actions; I tried drinking beer and just poured it onto myself, this was my "are you still straight test". I spilled it all over myself and couldn't drink nor could I stop what ever I was doing I could only perform some actions within my control and even then not properly.

Hallucinations; beautiful and peaceful to dark and violent which also continued to vary for hours.

I know this is a late response but I just want to know what I took, look up their effects and gain some understanding of the drug. I hope for others think twice before taking it, this doesn't happen to everyone but if it's happened to me then it could happen to you. I'll be checking this page every few days. Feel free to ask any questions or comments and I'll reply ASAP. Thankyou.

April 10, 2013, 12:12 pm GMT

yes2life (member since June 21, 2013)

To the dude above, I read your post and was almost amazed at how similar your personal experience was to what happened to me at the beginning of the year.

Railed 1/3 of a red pill, intense buzz, violent/horrible hallucinations. Me and another friend ended up in hospital.

Description : Red Pill that was easily crushed, came in a weird little bag with smiley faces all over it.

What I do know is that the pill contained Mepehdrone (bath salts), and 2cc (similar to lsd).

June 21, 2013, 3:16 pm GMT

pillywilly420 (member since March 24, 2016)

I have a picture of the pills if you want it

March 24, 2016, 4:27 pm GMT