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September 27, 2005
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Got it from this girl who charges absolutly b s prices but they are always top notch pills. I bought 2 small red nikes they had glitteris stuff in them I was shocked! Then to my suprize we also had 3 Triple stack Red speckled Oakleys they all looked yummy. We began our night by My Gf ate half a triple, my best friend at a Whole Nike and I ate a whole Nike. Now I wasnt at all feeling any come up or anything justa lil twinkle, my friend on the other hand ROLLING BALLS Jumping all over but not to much his eyes were dilated and my Gf just sat there and looked pretty while we were at thisgirls house I had sex with a long time ago it was odd lol( maybe thats why I didn't fully Roll) Smoked a blunt bounced Out to my place parents were at work so we decided to do the rest this was about 230am possibly 3am we all ate a triple b/s my gf she ate the rest of her half( light weight) Then is where we all rolled My gf was like my jaw wont stop jittering and she kept on moving her head like she was in a trance LOL good thing she is the prettyest thing ever or else Id be laughing at her, I and my bset friend were talking b/sing Poped in a Movie (seed of chucky) at about 4 I kinda felt like I was calmed down alot so I was like what the hell why not have sex lol so I did and the wierd thing is I came.. never came on x b4 so I dunno how potent those pills were Or if it just was my mindset. Maybe I should try rolling alone one night to get intouch? maybe the magic is gone or maybe the red nike hadsome meth in it to kill the 2nd buzzz I dunno I hoped I dont get flammed for the wierd report but overall Id say the triple oakleys were better I don't know what were in those nikes but It wasnt no Mdma I think maybe MDA I dunno I need a tester. Sorry for all the errors just rolled outa bed to wright this.
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which way was the check facing?

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