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Flint town , Mi

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September 27, 2005
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alright got some more blue dolphins, dark blue ones with white spots, they looked the same as the ones i took last week only alot better, when i got these i wasnt really expecting much but i took the pill around 9 o'clock on an empty stomach, around 20 mins later i could feel myself comin up very fast, as time went on it kept gettn more intense.smoked some pot which made my roll pretty nice, around 10 oclock i was rolln hardcore, my eyes were rolln in the back of my head the whole nite n my whole body felt warm and euphoric, These pills were deffiantly real MDMA which was kinda a suprise considering dolphins are usually alot of meth, this pill was actually pretty clean, i didnt feel too sped up or anything, eventually i juss layed in my bed n felt very relaxed to the point where i didnt want to move an inch, i ended up falln to sleep slowly n got a pretty decent nights sleep, the next day i feel a lil drained, woke up in a pretty pissed off mood but nothn too crazy, no cracked out feeling either, i was relly suprised these pills are as good as they are, id deffiantly reccomend this pill tho others. id rate it a good 7 possiably even an 8, it was juss a clean pill with a very calm chilled out comedown. lasted about 4 hrs

Dolphin Stamp
Blue / white specs
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clancy123 (member since October 1, 2005)

what direction were the dolphins? Left or right facing?

October 1, 2005, 4:06 am GMT