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Lime Green

Santiago, Chile

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December 19, 2009
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Yet again sorry for no picture, i ate my spare, lol, it weighed 250 mgs, horrendously strong mdma taste, and as clean as a whistle.
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December 20, 2009
Lime green with black speckles
Round, slightly domed
4.0 mm
10.0 mm
Hard, very well-pressed, smooth
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MDxx High
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Bought 1 for an event where a renouned dj was playing. bought another to take a picture, but temptation got the better of me.

Other Details: I'm 6'1" and 215 lbs, but my tolerance is low-medium. I hadn't dropped in 41 days. Had 2 bottles of champagne in a pregame party. (n.b. on my average alcohol-exclusive nights out I always consume 40+ uk units) but still gave me a buzz. My dropping partner is 5'3" 115 lbs (female) and her tolerance is medium. Also had 4000 mgs of vitamin C, and a lot of fruit and salad throughout the day.

2330: We both drop 1 on an empty stomach, shes quite drunk.

2350: Arrive at event, i demand that i buy water, somehow bought 8 bottles and got some weird looks.

0000: Go to the loo, some emos are dancing tektonic, was intriguing.

0015: We find a corner where we can place the water bottles. Start dancing, I feel like i'm walking on water, I take my heart-rate and is noticeably over 100bpm.

0025: i accompany her to get her a vodka/lemonade, and I feel completely mullered and nauseous which is common for me, not a peak, just disorientated, and a partygoer starts rubbing my back; she obviousy saw all the water bottles and ridiculously colourful rave paraphenalia- feels amazing.

0030: We keep dancing, and i feel completely sober, I thought that, that was it.

0040: Oh no. It hits me like a bulldozer the second some guy asked me if i was waiting in the queue, i could not reply, and just moved out of the way, people everywhere were rushing about and had INTENSE visuals, she gets another drink, and im socialising and dancing extravagantly, as people would say; rolling balls, could not see straight to save my life.

0100: My dropping partner lost her ticket to buy her drink, i was very empathenogenic towards her (i rarely feel any empathy) I have never felt so happy and sad at the time. My eyes wiggling and wobbling so much, i just didn't bother opening them and let them roll inside their sockets as i was dancing euphorically.

0100-0230: A fucking blur, I was in wonderland, dancing and making out with my dropping partner, that's all.

0245: Still dancing, but more sober.

0300: Feel really hungry!!! I'm coming down a bit, tempted to eat my other pill.

0315: Still high, gave into temptation, tried to split my other pill on the dancefloor, too hard, bit off about 2/3 and ate it, gave the rest to my dropping partner. It was partly in attempt to supress my appetite: I was THAT hungry.

0330: Don't know where the fuck I am, dancing lunactically, sweating like a flu-patient, coming down and coming up simultaneously, which made me feel a bit giddy.

0345: Dancing with friends and singing along with no embarassment, hit a second peak.

0345-0440: BLUR!

0445: Came down suddenly, hungry and tired a hell.

0500: My dropping partner is fucked, she had several vodkas throughout the night. I take her home, and I feel exhausted.

0530: Arrive home, she was talking absolute codshit to the cabbie. I eat a bit of chocolate and some mozzarella. Feel exhausted, and head hurts, but starving.

0600-0800: Feeling like shit, but have several vodka/lemonades.

0800-1200: Spent it with my dropping partner, having sex every-so-often and falling in and out of consciousness.

1200-1400: Trying to piece together the night, and wrote this report...

Was a lovely pill, rolling like an idiot, but had terrible bruxism, went through a pack of gum and my dropping partner who is a non-smoker, went through a pack of menthols, and now am eating pasta, since my jaw and molars hurt so much. I feel shattered, so now im going to rinse some unhealthy food in front of the box.

1400-1800: Knackered, on facebook all afternoon telling fellow ecstasy-takers how good my night was and to come to Chile, watching clips on youtube. Watching sitcoms, but could not interpret any of the dialogue, just watching the moving images. I feel hungover, but i can usually associate it with sleep deprivation, so am uncertain if it was a state of E-tardedness. But I was in a good mood all day.

1800-1900: Fell asleep on my dropping partner's lap whilst watching Grease, a friend woke me up asking for a cigarette, and I was drenched in sweat, even though a big fan was blasting at me, possibly a result of my body expelling free-radicals?

Pills here just keep getting better and better; but it makes me think that this could have been an old-school pill, because I haven't managed to find any similarities between this one in any other reports. I would like to know where it was made...

9.5/10 The gurning made it lose half a mark, cleanest, and most fun pill i've ever had. My dropping partner did pills weekly for 18 months back in Brazil, and she said that this pill was better than her first time, even with the antagonising effect of all the booze. I have had mdma 6 times and this was the 15th time that I have done pills... just for some perspective.



misteee (member since June 13, 2008)

greetings from australia, good report, seems like i must go visit chile, atleast ur getting something decent, cant remember the last time i tasted good mdma. good work

December 21, 2009, 5:23 am GMT

partybeast (member since October 25, 2009)

hahaha, yeh mate, although theyre hard to find and expensive. but all of them are guaranteed mdma (touch wood, for now), but sometimes a bit of speed too, which isn't too bad if u wanna rave. thank god i left england just before the piperazine pandemic.

December 21, 2009, 2:47 pm GMT

beltram16 (member since November 30, 2010)

you lucky england leaver you. I love mdma and speed in pills, as most of the old skool ones were just that and maybe a little brick dust thrown in,well it must of done something at the time. how much is a cheap 2 bed terraced over chile way and will they like me there? when is next plane to arrive?

January 10, 2011, 9:01 pm GMT

partybeast (member since October 25, 2009)

@beltram16, sorry for the late reply fella, the exchange rate is bollocks these days. back in the uk and hating it, haven't dropped in 11 months. oh well off to ibiza again for closing week, so, that should change!

May 11, 2012, 8:36 pm GMT