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September 27, 2005
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To start off this report, these pills are a bright blue in color with good sized white specks evenly throughout the pill. Both sides are beveled but there is no score. They have a bitter taste when touched to the tongue and the EZ test result gave positive results. Prior to dropping these we all ate light all day and had several weeks abstinence from rolls to insure a low tolerance. The press on these is perfect, and they don't break apart easily. Here is the timetable for our experience:

11:00ish - We all drop one pill orally with a bottle of water.

11:30 - Pupils are beginning to dilate, touch sensations elevated, we all started yawning profusely when the pill began to kick in. All of our egos become softened and we all start reminiscing about old parties and fun times we all had with eachother. The come up is nice and warm but does cause you to feel really tired at first.

12:00 - We're all peaking and fucking loving it. These pills are awesome. They are very social, very lovey dovey and give you a lot of energy to dance and do light shows. These pills hit on every significant cylinder of a good MDMA pill. The jaw-clenching is a little overwhelming on these though, so we all kept chewing gum in our mouths.

12:30-2:30 - These pills produce an extremely consistent level of euphoria with seemingly no negative or shitty binders in them. The eye wiggles are so fucking intense that I couldn't even pay attention to the lightshows... All I could do is close my eyes with a huge fuckin' grin on my face and tell everyone I loved 'em. Hehe.... Good times!

3:45 - The come-down is beginning to run it's course. We all take some Tylenol PM at around 4ish and we all fall asleep without a hitch. I was EXTREMELY impressed on how hard we all rolled off of one bean, considering we're all veterans.

The comedown - Takes about a half hour. Relatively mild, with some visual hallucinations when the rolls subsided and we all tried to sleep. An afterglow was definitely felt, as the moods we were all in maintained euphoric as hell until we fell asleep.

The next day - We all slept in til about 2 in the afternoon, a few of us had class and went, others just stayed home and relaxed. The afterglow from these pills continued for about twenty four hours. Little or no depression from these.

Bottom line - Wow. Buy these absolutely no questions asked. I normally need to take two pills in a night to get off really good and I was blown away by one of these babies. I have a few more I'm gonna sit on for a rainy day in the future ;-). These were definitely MDMA... They possessed all the wonderful qualities that a good MDMA-laden pill has. Props to the chef on these!
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