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September 27, 2005
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Ok so I havent taken a real pill in a year..I took a sorta real one back in June but def not MDMA..These were pleasantly surprising...I have done E maybe 20 times in my life but only do it once a year now maybe twice..So took half a pill at like 4ish wasnt sure if it was even gonna work..then I just decided what the hell I'll take the other half well like 20 mins lator I'm rolling hard..but such a nice clean real old school stuff..I've been takin pills since like 2000 and these were like in my top anyway was feelin great a lot of jaw cleanching sweaty lots of energy and talking..decided to take the 2nd pill at like 6 I prolly didnt need it but I figured why not..OMG I was rolling soo hard..pupils were like dimes wich has not happend to me I took red sunshine/sunflowersand no pupil dialation at all but vere upidy prolly caffiene..anyway I was really honestly peaking for like 3 hours..comedown was kinda hard but not to duration of the two pills..4:30pm to like 3:00am no lie..the only thing I didnt like is not being able to fall asleep at ease..back in the day after taking a good pill you could fall asleep for like 12 hours whith no problems ya know..but all in all these were BANGING!!Its so hard to find anything real anymore..and a lot of DXM going around watch out for Blue Stars and Rolling Stones..REALLY BAD!!!! well thats it my first report hope it was helpful and not to long...I'll post in another year prolly..get your hands on these if there around though..I love this site by the way sooo helpful..peace love and happieness...should have saved these for a party to bad the scene is ova though :-(
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