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September 27, 2005
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Well, this is an interesting pill, and I would say the scorpion logo is VERY apropriate, cause if your not careful these things will bite you in the ass!

anyways. so me and my girl took two of these bad boys (I've been rolling for about 4 years, she's rolled about 5 times)

so after 30 mins, they kicked in hard and fast, was feeling great, and these we're pretty damn strong too.

they we're actually too strong for my girlfriend

she said "my perception of E is totally different now, cause this is much more intense than before" (her first pill was a green strawberry)

so we we're at a friends house, and she started tripping out a bit and that scared here (she's never really tripped out before)

I was feeling good, and just comforting here, she is a mildly tense person, and was just having a hard time letting go, but after the peak (which was about 4 hours) she was able to get a grip.

and was enjoying it, and listening to trippy music and all that fun stuff.

then..........the come down.....

well I can see why they'd give these a scorpion press.

cause I felt like I swallowed a real one.

smoked a bunch of weed to take the edge of, which didn't do much.

we tried to sleep at 4 am ( we dosed at about 8pm)

but that wasn't happening, we felt really edgy and tweaked, and pretty quick hear rate.

we just laid in bed for a while, but we NEVER slept,

then finally at 1pm we we're like fuck it, so we went to my house and she took a shower and that helped a bit.

then she was able to get maybe 1.5 hours of sleep but woke up still feeling cracked out.

after she left, I took a shower, drank some OJ, ate a turkey sandwhich and snoozed for maybe 3 hours.

she went home and snoozed from about 5:30 PM to 4 am, and woke up feeling better but still not good.

I also woke up at about 4am, feeling better but still pretty tweaked.

its now 6:20 am in about 1.5 hours it will be 36 hours since I took the pills,

and something tells me I'm still gonna feel kinda yucky then.

so, here is the summary.

STRONG pills, and pretty trippy, if you like MDA then go for it.

I'd give em a higher rating, but with such a horrible come down I really can't.

this is the absolute worst come down in all of my 4 years of doing E, and I don't dose that often (once a month would be considered alot for me)

so if you have some miracle cocktail that kills the come down, then go for it.

other wise....I don't know what to tell ya.

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the perfect drug (member since October 1, 2005)

are these the skinny scorpions or the fat scorpinons i need to know quick thanx

October 6, 2005, 3:06 am GMT