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September 27, 2005
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Was expecting a much better time off of these, had taken a two month break and was really looking forward to a good roll, was very dissappointed. Here' the timeline...

11:50pm- dropped first pill on very empty stomach, took shower.

12:30am- started feeling what felt like coming up, but was short lived, started sweating...lasted about half an hour.

1:15am- Took second pill in hopes it would make first really kick in, still not really feeling all that much, increase of energy, head a little cloudy but nothing to brag about.

1:45am- second pill starting to kick in, again, felt like I may start rolling good, sweating, pupils now starting to dialate, not really any empathy, just a little bit more energy....already feeling ripped off at the quality of pill.

2:45am- took third pill in hopes of getting something off of these, sweating had stopped, not much empathy, still felt a little energy, cleaned house, took another shower.

3:30am- started sweating a little again, watched some thunderstorms outside, no real jaw clenching, at this point I realized that no matter how many we took they still sucked, so I accepted it and we just pretty much sat around and watched some live performances of Dave Matthews, just chilling. No euphoria what so ever, little if any empathy.

6:00am- we decided to go lay in bed and watch some tv, maybe try to sleep, very hard to fall asleep, maybe dozed off for about an hour.

Next day- pretty much felt like shit the entire next day, muscles ached, even though we didnt do anything, wanted to sleep, couldnt. I dont mind the effects next day as long as I had gotten something great the night before, what a let down!

My theory- either very, very low dose of either crappy mdma or mde. Waste of alot of money, dont even bother getting these if you see them!
Shield w/S in middle
Orange/white specks
Round, no score, domed
Suspected Contents

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fractalraver (member since February 19, 2006)

i think ive had those... and if they are the same, theres DEFENITELY some meth in them. and i found em really euphoric but the crash was horrible. it was also around the same time period when u made this report, so its likely to be the same pill

May 21, 2007, 12:27 am GMT