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  • Posted by arrall
  • February 19, 2022

**WARNING** Strongest Ever Ecstasy Pill Found in UK - 477mg

They found this pill to be particularly thick with a heavyweight to it and shaped into a diamond. This ‘Blue Punisher’ mega pill weighed in at a surprising 650mg. It allegedly contained 477mg of MDMA, which is a psychoactive stimulating drug. For reference, 477mg og MDMA is about four/five times the regular dose found in a singular ecstasy pill as 125mg is usually considered a relatively high dosage. This 477mg pill is allegedly one of the strongest ecstasy pills currently on record. Before the ‘Punisher’ was found, the previous strongest pill on record had been the purple Philipp Plein skull pill found in Vienna, Austria just last year. Still, the purple Philipp Plein only reached 366mg of MDMA in one tablet, around 100mg less than the Blue Punisher.


Drug analyst Guy Jones from Reagent Tests UK says that although this is a new world record it is “impossible to rule out that a stronger one has ever been made, but the number of pills over 400mg with a public test result could be counted on one hand.”

These pills can be dangerous if the dosage exceeds your body’s limits. There were reports that this blue pill had been found at festivals in Bristol and Cornwall in 2018. Those pills only contained between 250mg and 300mg, but still, well above the recommended safe dosage. Just last week, there has also been a report about a 19-year-old boy who passed away after ingesting two “triple strength” Blue Punisher pills. Allegedly, the 19-year-old, named Harley Girven, had bought three pills of this high-strength MDMA pill for only £10.

A chair of criminology at the University of Liverpool and director at The Loop, a drug testing NGO, Fiona Measham claims that the extra thickness and weight of the six 477mg Blue Punisher pills found could mean that they were produced accidentally. Their consistency is off, and the “variations in width (of this batch) suggest the inconsistency of amateur pressing.” The danger of its potency “illustrates just how dangerous the lack of information about MDMA content of pills can be.”

Fiona Measham claims the danger lies in the fact that the customer does not know about the strength of an ecstasy pill when it is bought on illegal markets, putting their life at risk. If a buyer of the pill would have tested it, before consuming it, they would realize that a single one of those Blue Punisher pills holds enough potency to produce 4 average adult doses of MDMA, with little risk to one’s life. However, this lack of knowledge and information is what creates these deadly and extremely powerful pills.

Ecstasy pills have risen in popularity over the course of the last 10 years, and so have their average doses been increasing. However, this new interest in the psycho-stimulant drug, MDMA, does not mean that any of its potential dangers have subsided. Always check and test your sources when being involved in drugs. Research and read up on the safe way to engage with such stimulants, and make sure you have trusted resources!


  • Posted by andyturbro
  • February 18, 2022

**WARNING** 164mg Blue Supermans

High and variable dose MDMA (ecstasy) tablets - blue superman round

High dose MDMA tablets have been found at a NSW music festival in December 2021, average dose of 164mgKnow the risksYou are at increased risk of harm if you:take multiple MDMA (ecstasy) tablets or capsulestake a high-dose MDMA (ecstasy) tablet or capsuleuse other stimulant drugs (e.g. methamphetamine, cocaine or caffeine) at the same timeuse alcohol, certain medicines or illicit drugs at the same timeHot and humid weather will also increase the risk, as MDMA causes the body to dangerously overheat.MDMA (ecstasy) is often poorly manufactured and the amount of MDMA in a tablet or capsule can vary a lot, even within the same batch.The time from taking the drug to feeling any effect can vary significantly depending on the drug as well as the individual person.MDMA (ecstasy) has been linked to death, serious harm and life-long complications. Effects to look out forFeeling really hot, light headedness, rigid muscles, confusion or agitation, racing pulse/heart, feeling aggressive, uncontrolled repetitive movements, vomiting, seizures, difficult to rouse / unconscious.Getting helpSeek help immediately from your nearest emergency department or call Triple Zero (000).Start CPR if someone is not breathing.Support and advice

For free and confidential advice:

Call Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) on 1800 250 015 at any time 24/7. Start a Web Chat with an ADIS counsellor Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm.Call NUAA on 1800 644 413 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) to speak to a peer or visit NUAA for a range of resources.Call the NSW Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for information on adverse effects from drugs.Visit Your Room for fact sheets and other resources.Take Home Naloxone ProgramIt is becoming more common for substances to be contaminated with opioids. Signs include loss of consciousness, slow/difficult breathing, skin turning blue. Anyone who uses drugs can get naloxone, which reverses opioid overdose.Naloxone is free, for participating locations and more information: https://yourroom.health.nsw.gov.au/getting-help/Pages/Naloxone.aspx.

Call '000' even if naloxone has been administered.

  • Posted by andyturbro
  • December 29, 2021


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