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  • Posted by simplex
  • February 25, 2020


Drug warning - Variable dose and high dose MDMA tablets/capsules

Consumption of high doses of MDMA (ecstasy) has been linked to cases of serious illness and death in New South Wales (NSW). These illnesses and deaths were a result of MDMA toxicity itself, not as a result of contaminated or fake MDMA tablets or capsules.

While consumption of one MDMA tablet/capsule alone can kill, the risk of toxicity is greatly increased if multiple MDMA tablets or capsules are consumed over a short period, or if MDMA is consumed in combination with other stimulant substances (such as methamphetamine or cocaine).

The dose of MDMA tablets and capsules recently circulating in NSW varied by up to 10 fold.  Higher dose MDMA tablets have also been recently identified in NSW.

The average dose in some of these tablets is two to three times the dose commonly found in MDMA tablets and capsules circulating in NSW.

Consumption of MDMA may result in extremely unpleasant adverse effects, serious illness or death.

The higher dose tablets were yellowish green “SpongeBob” rectangular shaped tablets, and blue triangular/shield shaped tablets, stamped with a “TESLA” logo.

Avoid consumption of these tablets.

Adverse effects may include severe agitation and paranoia, raised body temperature, seizures (fits), heart rhythm problems and death.

Seek help immediately if you, or someone you know, has consumed MDMA tablets and experiences adverse effects.

Seek help from your nearest emergency department, call Triple Zero (000) for emergency assistance, or phone the NSW Poisons Information Centre (13 11 26).

Of 52 MDMA seized samples analysed, dose per capsule/tablet ranged from approximately 20mg to 200mg.The average dose of MDMA in the yellow/green “SpongeBob” tablets analysed was approximately 200mg, and the average dose in the blue “TESLA” tablets analysed was approximately 130mg.MDMA is likely to be incompletely mixed and inconsistently distributed through these tablets. Absorption and time to peak effect may also be highly variable

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  • Posted by andyturbro
  • December 13, 2019

Pill Testing bill to be introduced to Victorian Parliament

Victoria could have pill-testing as early as next year, under new legislation set to be introduced by the Victorian Greens.

A draft of the legislation was revealed today, which sets out what the service would look like.

The Bill calls for two pill-testing services to be trialed for two years: a free mobile pill-testing facility to be used at festivals and a fixed-site lab for drug analysis.

Both sites would be reviewed after one year and have the potential for a four-year license extension.

The ACT is currently the only jurisdiction in Australia to allow pill-testing.

Drug law reform spokesperson for the Victorian Greens, Dr Tim Read, said it was time for Victoria to follow suit.

"We need to change the culture of drug use in Australia, and the first step is treating drug use as a health issue," he said.

"We must acknowledge the current approach is resulting in unintended consequences and instead choose policies that have worked elsewhere.

It's time to get over the stigma and just test the pills."


The bill has the support of several crossbenchers and will be formally introduced to Parliament before this year’s summer festival season.

The legislation would be named Daniel's Bill, after Daniel Buccianti, who died from a drug overdose at Rainbow Serpent Festival in 2012.

Daniel's mum, Adriana, has been a passionate advocate for pill-testing since her son's death and supports the Greens' bill.


  • Posted by andyturbro
  • October 16, 2019


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