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DMT Dual Reagent Test Kit (2 tests)



Discreet packaging.

  • 2in1 – 1x EHRLICH test, 1x HOFMANN test
  • Instructions for use.
  • 1 micro spatula

By purchasing Dual DMT Test Kit you support our fight for drug policy based on harm reduction, human rights, and facts, not prejudice.



Dual DMT Test Kit comes with 2 single-use reagents for DMT, other psychedelic alkaloids and their common adulterants. It is used to positively identify DMT, DET, 5-MeO-xxx, 4-HO-xxx, harmaline, harmine, gramine, scopolamine and to rule out NBOMe, N3OMe, NBOH, NBF, DOx, and different, less predictable and less desirable, highly toxic dangerous drugs. Multiple reagents are required to detect adulterants and increase analysis precision.

The Dual DMT Test Kit instructions and apps feature over 100 substances. Each single-use vial contains 0,2 ml (4 drops) of a reagent. Glass protects reagents from light, plastic, and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life. For extra-stealth ask us in the checkout notes to remove substance-related stickers and fliers.

Dual DMT Test Kit consists of 2 reagents: Ehrlich and Hofmann (2 tests total). It’s best to use this set for DMT or LSD, but it’s also a good test for all tryptamines and lysergamides.

NOTE: Reagents deteriorate with time, especially if exposed to sunlight or not refrigerated. If you are uncertain whether a reagent will work, test it with a previously checked sample.


NOTE: Dual DMT Test Kit can only test the PRESENCE, not PURITY or QUANTITY of a specific substance.
Always test under a strong light and using the smallest possible sample. Never open more than 1 bottle at once, if you make a mistake you might contaminate the reagents and spoil them. If a few reactions are happening at once, only the darkest one of them will be visible. To detect adulterants, try using on fresh samples secondary reagent tests like Robadope, Simon’s, Scott or Zimmermann. If you don’t know yet how to use a reagent test kit, see the following instructions:

  1. Prepare a sample no bigger than this size -> ●
  2. Carefully open a vial and using included spatula move the sample into the vial.
  3. Immediately observe the color change and compare it with a supplied color chart. No reaction within the first 30 seconds or unexpected results indicate the sample doesn’t contain the expected substance or is adulterated.
  4. Dispose of safely. If possible neutralize the reaction with baking soda and flush in a sink under running water for a few minutes.

No reaction can be caused by 1P-LSD, ALD-52, 2C-x, DOx, NBOMe, N3OMe, NBOH, NBF, and other substances (or lack of active ingredient).

Expected DMT Test Kit results:

  • Ehrlich – pink
  • Hofmann – yellow


Reagents consist mostly of concentrated acid and are strong enough to burn skin and clothing. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Keep away from children. Always use in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves (supplied) when handling the bottle and cap. Wear protective eyewear. Never point towards face etc. If you get some on you/clothing, then immediately wash with soap and water. Wash testing surfaces with soap and water as well. Dispose of any unwanted reagent down the sink with running water and baking soda (supplied), ventilate. Store all testing kits away from any heat in a cool, dark place between uses. The average shelf life of 1 year can be significantly extended by storing in a freezer (warm to room temperature before use).

A positive or negative reaction for a substance does not indicate if it is safe. No substance is 100% safe.


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