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2C-B Dual Reagent Test Kit (2 tests)


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Discreet packaging.

  • 2in1 – 1x MARQUIS test, 1x MECKE test
  • Instructions (for 600+ substances with the Results app)
  • 1 micro spatula
  • Available also as multiple-use bottles


Dual 2C-B Test Kit comes with 2 single-use reagents for 2C-B, „Ecstasy” as well as their common adulterants. It is used to positively identify 2C-B/C/H/I, 5-MAPB, 6-APB, 6-APDB, MDxx, meth/amphetamines, and to rule out cathinones, DXM, PMA/PMMA, and different, less predictable and less desirable, highly toxic dangerous drugs. Multiple reagents are required to detect adulterants and increase analysis precision.

The Dual 2C-B Test Kit instructions and apps feature over 550 substances. Each single-use vial contains 0,2 ml (4 drops) of a reagent. Glass protects reagents from light, plastic, and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life. For extra-stealth ask us in the checkout notes to remove substance-related stickers and fliers.

Dual 2C-B PRO Test Kit consists of 2 reagents: Marquis and Mecke (2 tests total). It’s best to use this set for 2C-B, MDxx or meth/amphetamine, but it’s also good for benzofurans, cathinones, and opioids.

NOTE: Reagents deteriorate with time, especially if exposed to sunlight or not refrigerated. If you are uncertain whether a reagent will work, test it with a previously checked sample.


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