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August 25, 2020
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Order of tests;
Mandelin, Marquis, Mecke
Pictures of pill/test
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August 25, 2020
Pink/red with red glitter
Very solid compacted material
Very hard press
Suspected Contents
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Mandelin Reagent
Other - Please see description
Marquis Reagent
Other - Please see description
Mecke Reagent
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User Report

I went to Vegas with these pills before my testing kit came in the mail, like an idiot....
I took half of one and instantly felt something within 10 minutes (normally takes me 45)
I haven’t consumed ecstasy in well over 10 years so I thought, “maybe it’s hitting so quick because it’s been so long” or placebo effect and I start to feel like its starting to kick in but it’s not quite there. I let an hour and 1/2 pass, at this moment I just felt really tired. I take another half thinking it was going to make the first one take effect, all it did was give me a buzz, 10 minutes after consumption. But still nothing worth noting. I let, yet another couple of hours pass, and took a whole other pill.
At the 10 minute mark, after consumption, I’m BARELY feeling the smack from the first dose and it’s STRONG.
Whatever is in these pills is DANGEROUS.(not in a good way) I honestly was probably overdosing for hours without even realizing it.
The effects of this drug almost mimics ecstasy, so the eye wiggles and elevated body temperature didn’t scare me at first.
It wasn’t until I had to literally go back to the hotel room and take a cold shower that I realized the temperature thing was becoming an issue for me(never happened to me before on mdma). The shower calmed me down a bit, but these waves of panic attacks kept coming. I felt, subconsciously, that something wasn’t right but I blamed it on the “ecstasy”
I had the tingly feeling throughout my body with ecstasy but this feeling was way more electrified and rough.
Every time I would sit down I would want to just lay down and sleep (not in a euphoric type of way either) more like a “I’ve been tired for 3 days, I’m nodding out” type of tired. If I closed my eyes long enough I would have passed out.
An hour and a half later BOOOM hits me even harder and I continue to feel like I’m going to faint and honestly over the intense feelings at this point. My brain was tired from how active it was forced to be.
And the drug continued to hit for each dose I took.
This trip was WAY more psychedelic than MDMA ever has been to me. I was seeing people and things that weren’t there. Everything’s color was wayyy off and really dark and blurry. It really was hard to even see.
I never had a come down. I fell asleep with NO issues. Slept very well. I felt like I was on a 60% roll for 12+ hours. I woke up the next morning and STILL felt like I was on it. It’s not until now, 5 days later, that I finally feel sober from it. Idk what this stuff is but I destroyed the remaining pills I had. I never want to experience it again. It wasn’t necessarily a bad trip. It was just not what I was expecting and WAYYYY more psychedelic than I was hoping for with this trip.

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