Pill Report: Brown Philipp Plein's
Brown Philipp Plein's


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April 12, 2020
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First of all im sorry for the photo quality and messy writing. I was pretty few pills in when i finally finished writing this and in the commotion forgot to take photos earlier. But hey. Better than nothing

Now details about the pill:

Press quality is Strong and really good quality
Size is 550mgx10.0mmx11,5x4.50mm
MDMA: Was advertised as 200mg+ but in reality felt alot stronger. So please. Be Careful!

I use SIN Test Kits:
Marquis - Purple to Brown
Mecke - Blue to Dark Blue
Simon's - No Reaction
Philipp Plein
10.0 mm
15.0 mm
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
Marquis Reagent
Mecke Reagent
Simons Reagent
No Reaction
User Report

First of all im no means a professional/veteran/specialist but i have done my share of stuff so i recommend taking half to start. I never usually do this for years anymore but this time i had a feeling inside that warned me and it saved me alot of trouble i think.

Enviroment and small back story
4 people in an apartment.
3 of us were tripping and one wasnt just feeling to do, so he was like the "help".
2 of us started with half a pill and the third took a whole.
After 30-40 minutes we had to start helping him,
cause the pill was too strong and he wasn't handlin it well

16.10 - Dropped 1/2
16.45 - Starting to come up slowly and calmly. Feels nice.
17.00 - Rest of the come up was like a grenade exploded and the rest rushed to finish me off.
18.30 - The usual cuddly/huggy stuff but at the same time i just wanted to dance, so i did.
19.10 - Starting to wear off. comedown is smooth and calm
19.30 - Dropped more and this one whole.
20.15 - I dont have any words, im feeling so good and the ecstatic feeling, dancing, listening to music.
21.3o - Peaking at it's highest.
23.35 - starts the final comedown, smoked weed to help it come down.

After i took the second as the whole pill.
I started to get strong Hallucinations coming and going all around the night.
So please, be careful, do the research and happy times

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mgg92 (member since June 17, 2020)

Very pleasant these pills :) I have no practical tolerance, once every six months a delicacy crunch :) I threw in all at once and the mega effect was pleasant, plush, full-bodied :) I was loading about 45 minutes and then a good hour did not overwhelm , but full looseness and satisfaction with the phase :) I do not remember exactly because it was 2-3 months ago but it lasted about 4 hours and it went down, but be careful because a friend with the same tolerance as I only 20 kg less accused 1/3 more at the start and unintentionally remembers the evening, unfortunately, and it kept it much longer than the rest of friends ...

Pleasant flights :)

June 17, 2020, 12:14 pm GMT