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Double Stack


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March 8, 2020
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When crushing up the pill you should break it into quarters. Then use something to crush until it is more of a powder. Because this was so compact I had to use extra force just to crush the 4 pieces of one pill.

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March 8, 2020
Bright Yellow
2.0 mm
3.0 mm
Condensed(hard to break up)
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MDxx High
User Report

So I am with my roommate Jon and we are celebrating the fact that he got his tax money back. So we hit up the plug and hopped inside Betty, the name of my car.(short for Betty White cause she will never die)
We get to the plugs house.
Let me set the scene:
We pull up to the plugs house and there are about 4 people smoking on the front porch and you can hear music from inside the house. We are in a high crime area in Texas and Jon and I are white and look like a fat girl and a frat guy trying to find weed.
As we walk up Jon is stopped and I have to vouch for him.
We walk inside and the plug meets me at the door with a hug and starts the introductions. He then takes me to his room and I leave Jon. We go back and he pulls out his options.
(Quick pause here. Let me clarify I am not a hoe or a slut. But I was fucking my plug on the regular. This is important because it effects the price I was charged for this endeavor)
My plug had triple stacks, doubles, and singles. I chose the doubles because they were all Batman and from the same batch. I picked up 10 for $20. Then i told the plug when he closes down for business to come back to my crib.
Then I walk back into the living room and my roommate Jon is talking to a few of the guys. As I walk up one of the guys turns to me and says, “ looks like we now have 2 white people invited to the “cookout”” I laughed and gave Jon the nod and hugged all the guys and we walked out. As we walked back to my car I got cat called by my plug. We hop into Betty and go back to the crib. This whole scene took about 40 minutes. So from the time we decided we wanted to do some tooting and we actual received the beans and got home was about an hour.

Here is how the high went.
12:00am- we crush two Batman and Jon and I each snort one.
12:20am- I start to feel the high
1:30am- I am so focused on conspiracy videos on YouTube to realize what the real world felt like.
1:45am- Jon and I snort another one each. (This one burned a little more and cause my right eye to water)
2:00am- I begin to start writing a short story. Laying out a whole plot line, character development, dramatic timeline. I have reached the level of euphoria that makes me feel like my brain is processing at full capacity.
2:30am- Plug gets to my crib and brings 2 KG worth of some sweet Reggie called, “goofy goomba”
2:35am - I start to break down the bud with my fingers.
2:40am- I dismantle a backwood and rehydrate the leaf and grab a paper towel.
2:42am- I roll a fat ass blunt. The strain of bud we have is soft. I take the time to rub it between my fingers. At this point Batman has heighten my senses.
2:43am- I spark the blunt and i begin to explain some of the conspiracies I watched on YouTube a few hours before.
3:30am- The plug, Jon, and I each do a Batman.
3:45am- Jon and I are both suffering motor mouth. The plug and I are in a heated ethical debate on the conspiracy regarding the Catholic Church and how they handle abuse allegations.
5:45am Jon and I start to grab our laundry and have decided to go to the laundry mat down the road and do laundry.
6:00am The plug is lost in writing a rap about my short story idea.
8:30am-Jon and I get back to the crib and the plug is smiling ear to ear. He is finished with his rap. I go and put the laundry away in my room and the towels away. Then I start to tidy up each room. The plug is laying on my bed while I deep clean my room. I grab the vacuum and run it and a swifter duster in my room. Then as I go to the bathroom to put the washcloths away I notice the mirror is dirty. So I start cleaning the mirror, then the sink, then I spray the stuff on the shower walls and let it foam up while I clean the toilet. Then I take the shower curtain down and replace the lining with a spare I found while cleaning my room. Then I scrub and deep clean the shower.
Then I go to the kitchen because I remember a video I saw about a life hack where you take a plastic ziploc bag and put vinegar in it and your take a rubber band and put the bad over the shower head to get rid of potential mildew. After I set up that random life hack. I grab the vacuum and vacuum and dust the living room and hallway. Then I notice the baseboards need wiped off so I do that as well. after putting my cleaning supplies up I go to the kitchen.
11a— The plug, Jon, and I each do one last Batman.
11:01am- I start to get all the kitchen cleaning products out. Jon and the plug go back in the living room and play call of duty.
3pm- I finish mopping the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. In the last 4 hours I took every dish out of the cabinets and washed them. I cleaned out the fridge and bleached all the shelves and put the food back that was not expired. I sprayed the top of my stove with the cleaner and the inside of the oven. Then I washed all the cabinet fronts and shelves also throwing away any food that is not longer good. Then I wipe the handprints from the front of the fridge. Then I clean the oven and scrub it.
3:30pm- take the “life hack” contraption off the shower head. Then I set up the diffuser I have and I put in the one drop of Eucalyptus, one drop of lavender, and one drop of mellow mind.
4pm- I am still rolling and riding this high. I have now been awake going on 36 hours.
6pm- I can feel the comedown. And the 3 of us roll up another backwood.
8pm- Jon is knocked out in his room
8:30pm- the plug and I take a shower and go to my room
12pm- the plug leaves
3am- after laying in my bed for 3 hours I start to drift off.
I lucid dream the whole time.
9am- alarm goes off for work and I start to get ready. I take a swisher that I rolled up and shower and smoke that.
10am- Jon wakes up an makes breakfast while I load a bowl with weed.
10:30am- we eat breakfast
11am- I leave for work not feeling any after effects of the weekend. I have a clean house, a grocery list for when I get off work, a gram of weed, and a packed lunch.
10pm- after getting back from the store with groceries I put them In the clean kitchen. Jon is feeling lousy and extremely antisocial and still feeling the comedown swearing to never toot another Batman again.

I however loved it and had a blast and was very productive on my weekend off from work.

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