Pill Report: Philipp Plein (PP)
Philipp Plein (PP)


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November 2, 2019
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Well this is not the best pressed pill out there. I've seen some PP before, really solid and well detailed, this was not. The pill crumbles in your hands so try to not over-manipulate it. The front is the classic PP logo, the back is a skull BUT is more like a cartoon-ish skull (as you can see on the picture), not the usual well detail you find on a PP press. As i said, is not the best PP pressing ever seen. However, they're really shinny, a nice glitter that gives you a nice signal about it's content :)
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November 6, 2019
Philipp Plein/Skull on the back
Porous, it crumbles in your hands
Curvy, not straigh edges
Suspected Contents
Tested Only
Mandelin Reagent
Marquis Reagent
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Contact said this were imported from Europe. You can distrust the pill since they're not so good looking as other PP pills, but it was damn good, a bit strange, but sweet. Here I go.
IMPORTANT: Tested POSITIVE for MDMA in Echele Cabeza (Colombian version for The Loop or Energy Control)
10:40PM: Ingestion time. I started with half of the pill as always.
11:00PM: THAT WAS DAMN FAST. Big puppils, starting to smile way too much, Digitalism started to sound so good and and I was already out of saliva and had my mouth completely dry out. This is the weird part: the pill started to came up so fast (took 20min since ingestion, I ate 2 hours before that). For me it usually takes 40 minutes. However, it started to come up without the magic, there was not that special feeling, there were some of the MDMA effects, but not the magic, yet.
11:20PM Just as I said, 40 minutes after ingestion the peak starts and the magic finally comes up. That was strange since I'm used to the magic and the rest of the effects to come up all together at the same time. This time they came 20 minutes appart. It was not something to get worried about but just strange.
12:10AM Time to redose! I ate the other half of the pill to mantain and prolong the roll.
3:00AM Still dancing, I'm starting to feel my legs tired, but I can go on. I'm slowly coming back to reality.
3:30AM The comedown was just so so smooth, that was cool. I still wanting to dance, just not so energetic as an hours before. I've a nice afterglow :)
And that's it! It was a really nice clean roll after all.
However, be careful, these PP seemed to be really strong. My girlfriend did the same routine but at 12:40AM (30 min after redose) she started to feel dizzy. We went outside to take some fresh air, she threw up and at 1:00AM she were perfectly fine and rolled all night long happy and without any other complication. I think this happened to her since she's a little girl and the pills were too strong (1,58m - 55Kg). So take care with your dose using this pill.
I'm 1.75m and 73Kg. The pills were bought and used on October 31st, 2019.
Mi contacto dijo son importadas de Europa. Quizá al principio desconfían de la pastilla ya que no esta tan bien prensada como otras PP, pero estuvieron muy buenas, un poco extrañas, pero buenas. Aquí vamos.
IMPORTANTE: Dio POSITIVO para MDMA en Échele Cabeza (versión colombiana para The Loop o Energy Control)
10:40 PM: Tiempo de ingestión. Comencé con la mitad de la pastilla como siempre.
11:00 PM: ESO FUE MUY RÁPIDO. Pupilas enormes, comencé a sonreír demasiado, Digitalism comenzó a sonar muy bien y ya no tenía saliva y tenía la boca completamente seca. Esta es la parte extraña: la pastilla comenzó a subir muy rápido (tardo 20 minutos desde la ingestión, había comido 2 horas antes). Para mí, generalmente toma 40 minutos. Sin embargo, comenzó a subir sin la magia, no había esa sensación especial, había algunos de los efectos del MDMA, pero no la magia, todavía.
10:20 PM Justo como dije, 40 minutos después de la ingestión comienza el subidon y finalmente aparece la magia. Eso fue extraño ya que estoy acostumbrado a que la magia y el resto de los efectos aparezcan todos al mismo tiempo. Esta vez llego primero una cosa y a los 20 minutos la otra. No era algo de lo que preocuparse, sino simplemente extraño.
12:10 AM ¡Hora de la redosis! Me comí la otra mitad de la pastilla para mantener y prolongar el viaje.
3:00 AM Sigo bailando, estoy empezando a sentir mis piernas cansadas, pero puedo continuar. Poco a poco vuelvo a la realidad.
3:30 AM El bajón fue muy muy suave, eso fue bueno. Todavía quiero bailar, pero no tan enérgico como hace unas horas. Tengo una bonita sensación después de haber aterrizado :)
¡Y se acabo! Fue un viaje limpio muy divertido después de todo.
Sin embargo, tengan CUIDADO, estas PP parecen ser realmente fuertes. Mi novia hizo mi misma rutina pero a las 12:40 a.m. (30 minutos después de redosificarse) comenzó a sentirse mareada. Salimos a tomar un poco de aire fresco, vomitó y a la 1:00 AM ya se sentía perfectamente bien y bailo feliz y sin ninguna otra complicación el resto de la noche. Creo que esto le sucedió a ella por ser una chica pequeña y porque la pastilla estaba muy concentrada (1,58m - 55Kg). Así que tenga cuidado con su dosificación usando esta pastilla.
Mido 1,75 m y peso 73 kg. Compre y use las pastillas el 31 de Octubre de 2019.


andyturbro (Administrator)

Hey mate thanks for the report. You have marked suspected content as MDMA, however issued a warning for the pill? Could you please clarify the reason for the warning? Thanks

November 4, 2019, 5:15 pm GMT

aidans2 (member since November 6, 2019)

Hey, thanks for the report. I would also like to know the reason for the warning if the report is suspected MDMA. Thanks

November 6, 2019, 4:42 pm GMT

nixdred (member since May 7, 2019)

The warning was because this pill being "High Dose", however, already corrected :)

November 6, 2019, 8:54 pm GMT

thexperience (member since April 22, 2012)

Glad that this ugly looking copy cat is the real deal, thx 4 your report mate!!

November 23, 2019, 11:14 am GMT

thepeddler (member since December 18, 2020)

wickr mrx247

December 18, 2020, 2:36 am GMT