Pill Report: Blue Tesla
Blue Tesla


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October 23, 2019
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Pill locked to be well pressed, and there was no residue in the bag from the pill, however when split it crumbled a little bit.
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October 28, 2019
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MDxx High
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Fantastic pill, ended up tacking the other half of the pill about ten minutes after the first. I weigh 55kg, am a male, and consume pills monthly, sometimes multiple time a month.

Onset: small amount of anxiety, along with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

Come Up: the effects of the pill were very sudden, and a little bit startling, my whole body went numb and tingly along with a very strong feeling that was kind of like an orgasm but still not quite the same, throughout my whole body, colours also became much more brighter, and peoples voices including my own had a lot more reverb, mouth also became dry and pupils very large.

Peak: at this point I was outside walking through nature and listening to music with earphones, euphoria was very high and I was admiring the beauty of the tall trees that were surrounding me, this was also the point where the jaw clenching was at its strongest but still controllable, mouth felt very dry despite being well hydrated, my pupils took up pretty much the whole brown part of my eyes at this point.

Plateau: not to long after the peak

Come Down: very smooth, the reverb in peoples voices was the first thing to tone down, followed by the numbness and tingly sensation. My pupils got back to their normal size slowly after the effects had worn off.

After Effects: colours stayed bright for quit some time after, not sure how long though, also was clumsy afterwards and found it difficult to concentrate.

Hangover/Day After: had a slight headache throughout the day, and had a decent amount of energy, however towards around 7pm the headache got very bad, and also became very tired and fatigued, was completely fine the day after that. After the second experience I had no headache or tiredness, the next day, and had an afterglow which is fairly normal for me except I usually have at least a slight headache for the whole day after and then I feel happy and talkative for a few days after.

First experience lasted two hours, the second experience a week later lasted five hours and was much more intense, I think that the second pill was more potent but had pretty much identical, except the second experience was quit uncomfortable throughout, I felt like I didn't know what to do with myself.

Would recommend taking half at a time


scatterday (Administrator)

Hi pillking1,

Thanks for reporting.

Have you considered buying a testing kit. Consuming ecstasy can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal if untested.

Just because you see a report for the pills you might have doesn't mean the contents will be the same.

Regarding your report it's on the upper end of quality but for next time could you please attempt to add in some more details and timeframes.

Below is a template which you can use as a rough guideline. Some of the details are already included in the drop down tab selection.

+15 Mild pupil dilation
+30 strong euphoria and feelings of openness/communication towards others.

Not all information is to be filled out in the user report only the criteria you see missing.

Body size and how often you consume pills/MDxx substances? (weekly, monthly, yearly)
-If there was any effects (pupil dilation, muscular jaw spasms (bruxism), eye wiggles (nystagmus), perspiration, empathy, euphoria ect)


Come Up:



Come Down:

After Effects:

Hangover/Day After:











October 24, 2019, 5:59 am GMT

gengar (member since October 24, 2019)

I agree with the admin above

October 24, 2019, 7:12 am GMT

elmaco (member since October 30, 2008)

Hey team, just popping in to say hi!

November 16, 2019, 10:09 pm GMT

festivalfun (member since February 2, 2010)

These have been doing the rounds in Adelaide. I'll try and get a hold of some and will report back.

November 29, 2019, 5:48 am GMT