Pill Report: Pussycat/ Pussy Cat DD
Pussycat/ Pussy Cat DD


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November 30, 2017
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This pill is a cat face with split line and DD on the back. Measurements provided are the width and height of the cat face; the pills are quite thick at 5.8mm. Press is great, just like a children's vitamin would be. Upon chewing, taste is extremely bitter and awful and lingers in your mouth for minutes, just like proper MDMA. Simons instantly turned a dark royal blue, so these are not MDA. Other reports have tested this press with the other reagents, so I purchased only the Simons.
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November 30, 2017
Cat Face
Cat Face
10.0 mm
12.0 mm
Hard and well pressed, not crumbly or waxy
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
Simons Reagent
Dark Blue
User Report

A good MDMA experience deserves a bit of a novel.

Tolerance/ Past:
I am a medium weighted healthy and active male. Took a very small amount of molly about a year before this, didn't do a whole lot. Besides that, I haven't rolled at all since 2013, Rolled a few times from 2009 - 2013, never had tolerance issues. I have had strong pills, weak pills, and adulterated pills in the past. I consider myself a very well educated when it comes to MDMA, as I read anything I can find online about it. PIHKAL is probably my favorite book.

Set/ Setting:
Small Rave. Good mindset and music. I'm totally sober. Had minimal amounts of caffeine that night, usually have a fair amount of caffeine every day. Feeling excited to roll.

It's around 10pm. Take one whole pill.
Left the rave right after I dropped for a few minutes to walk to a nearby liquor store with a friend, just to relax and keep him company, I'm not drinking, We're walking back and I notice the subtle change in body chemistry, very slight shift in perception. This is typically the first thing I notice when rolling.
Back at the rave, standing on the dancefloor. Anxiety is definitely increasing. This is typically the second thing I notice. I feel anxious enough that I need to step outside because I don't know what to do with myself and it is getting intense. The instant I start walking away from the center of the dancefloor, everything changes. I feel definitely dizzy, in an enjoyable intoxicated way. I keep walking towards the door and within a minute my anxiety begins to transform smoothly into a deep state of relaxation; a deep sense of peace and calmness overcomes me, coupled with excitement. Words cannot describe.
My timeline could be a bit warped from now on, just FYI. I'm sure you understand. I'm now standing at the free water table outside, it's chilly out, and strangers are being very friendly to me, asking me how I am feeling. "I'm doing pretty good", I respond in a surprisingly soft, slow, calm voice. I was still feeling some anxiety, but it was quickly being fully replaced by feelings of love towards myself and others, comfort, and a desire to go back in and start dancing!
Let the peak begin. I dance with water and cool off breaks every 30 minutes or so. Everything feels smooth and awesome. Bruxism has definitely started, and will last until the end of the night. Friend gives me 2 pacifiers and I lose them both by the end of the night ha. Everything almost feels like it's in slow motion, yet time is moving too fast. All my friends are at the rave now. Now THIS is a party; it's unreal. Can't believe how good this single pill is. I, and everyone in there, really, is totally into the DJ's every track. The music is so intense. Lots of hugs. Lots of chatting, and constant smiling. The smile would be glued to my face for the next 2 and half hours at least.
I Take another half pill. I get lightshows and glowsticks become extremely interesting. I dance easily with girls and make eye contact with everyone and it feels great, which is abnormal for me. Enjoying the total lack of social anxiety and negative thoughts, not to mention the enhanced senses and love and interest for everything around me.
Definitely peaked for a couple more hours after eating the half, but coming down now. The familiar feeling of reality is a bummer, but the landing back on earth is fairly smooth and I'm still buzzed, trying to comprehend the heaven I just visited.
We have left the rave and we are back home at my friend's now (he drove). Eyes still exceptionally dilated.

I talked to a couple others who had the same pill, similar stories. They said it was awesome. In terms of MDMA content, I would be surprised if these were outside of the 100-125mg range.
I slept OK. could have been better, but i did have an energy drink towards the end of the roll. Appetite was fine, I do not suspect any adulterants in these pills. Definitely had depression the next couple days, but depression is a regular thing for me anyhow. Got some 5HTP the following night and it seemed to really help (in case you don't know, don't take 5HTP anytime close to when you're rolling, the combo can lead to an unpleasant and potentially dangerous serotonin syndrome).

Thank you for reading, PLUR and safety first!

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