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Red Domino


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March 1, 2017
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Couldn't upload photos, size was too large, pills were rectangles with the domino dots on them 1-6, clear breakline, hard pill, professional press, speckled with crystals visible to the naked eye, pretty thick as far as pills go.
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March 1, 2017
Numbered dots 1-6 on face of pills
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MDxx High
Mandelin Reagent
Marquis Reagent
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Carried out mandelin and marquis reagent tests on this pill, they both turned to a thick black instantly as the sample hit the testing solution and fizzed also. Classic MDMA characteristic for these tests, also performed an MDMA purity test, which also showed the highest possible outcome for mdma. So here's the report.

Pills contains +210mg pure MDMA, reportedly straight from the Dam,
These pills were made to be taken in halves, DO NOT take a full one. It WILL turn primarily psychedelic at that dose. Took a half and it was all I needed for the entire night.

Pill was taken in a chilled out setting at a friends house.
Consumed 1/2 pill at about 1:10am
Come up was slow and gradual, as it should be.
I didn't plateau until late 2:30am. At which time I was just chatting to close friends, did not want to dance just enjoy the music and sway a little,
Very little jaw clenching.
Really enjoyed just standing out in the bitter cold taking deep breaths,
3:10- Went to a 24hr to buy some cigarettesort and strawberries.
3:30- very little rush, waves were gradual but always noticeable even at the low points,
3:45- strongest part of the night for me, literally shaking with euphoria I had to drop to my hands and knees, best waves I have ever had in my 2 years of taking MDMA.
4:00- still having very, very intense feelings of euphoria. But not overwhelming by any means. Just so enjoyable.
4:30- starting to come down just a little but. Still definitely euphoric.
Sit down and chat for a while and just enjoy the waves.
5:15- my vision changes and starts becoming ever so slightly psychedelic as I'm coming down. I entered a slightly trippy headspace, eyes were slow to move around the room, creating subtle tracers, lights seemed to grab at my attention. Not in a bad way, just, woad.
5:25- decide to go for a cigarette and chat about the experience with a friend. Still a bit trippy.
6:00 - pretty much on the comedown, just being slowly sailed down. Feels nice actually, no sickness. Just tired. Feel at peace.
9:30- fully down by now. Feeling a bit hungry and definitely able to sleep.
10:00- leave my friends house and head home for a bit of rest.

I'd like to add that during the whole night my mind was crystal clear. My body was able to communicate that I needed to pee and was able to without a problem, I felt fully functional and in control the whole time. Amazing pill. From when I first noticed the pill taking effect to when I noticed myself coming back it was about 3hrs 20mins. Which is a pretty long mdma experience.


casperfdk (member since April 3, 2017)

nice report. i took them aswell, well i took two half and got the best day of my life. everything was fantasic and interesting.
you love everybody and every thing. the whole world is an amazing place.
my pill what marked with 2 and 5? but same shape, but not as hard. i got mine from a trusty friend who already consumed one by meeting. (location: Denmark: sønderjylland)
you say in your report that the mdma is clear to the naked eye, and that is true but, i could not find see alot, only some small spots here and there.
i had a good trip. pills are nice :)

April 3, 2017, 5:16 pm GMT

sen5i (member since September 16, 2010)

Photo would be ideeeeal so people know which - red domino -

May 7, 2017, 6:54 pm GMT