Pill Report: Yellow Domino
Yellow Domino

Slovenia - Celje

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October 3, 2016
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These pills are well made, they do not cruble but they break easily. They are blank on one side and have a random amount of dots and a line on the other.

Smell / Taste:
Nothing special. Classic MDMA smell and that very bitter taste.

Can you play DOMINOES with these?
No. They only printed 6/6, 2/2 6/4 and 5/1 pills.
Last Update
October 3, 2016
10.0 mm
3.0 mm
Medium press, doesn't crumble
Sharp edges
Suspected Contents
MDxx + Unknown
MDxx Medium
User Report

I have recently purchased 10 of these pills. I do e's on regular basis so I have quite a high tolerance.
Also I measure 183cm and weight 75kg.

0.00=Me and some friends each ate one pill.
0.20=First friend is rolling hard, I am slowly starting to fel the come-up. Sweaty palms, music is starting to get better etc.
0.50=I am rolling all the way. I feel the euforia and happines. Also my energy is above the roof.
1.20=Feeling is still the same, starting to fade a little so I drop another half.
1.50=Still happy and all, I still have loads of energy bit we all can feel that the pills are wearing off.
2.30=Pill has completely worn off. The come-down is awfull. We all feel sad and depressed.
3.30=Nobody can fall asleep although we are all very tired. An awfull feeling.
5.00=Still fell depression and exhaustion. Can't fall asleep, everything is uncomfortable and is bugging me.
5.30=Took some cocaine for the first time. Comedown is now cured.

This pill was different than the other pills I took, even the feeling while rolling-no blured vision or jaw clenching. So I gave it a warning as we suspect other substances.

Overall a bad experience only because of the come-down, but the effects while I was rolling were quite interesting.

Overall I would give this pill 4/10.
Hope you find this article usefull

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pingo333 (member since May 15, 2017)

Me and my friends have tried it for a couple of times and it has a different effect from ecstasies that we've tried before.
There was some feeling of euphoria but not the "being loved" feeling, and also it wasn't really intense. It felt more of a "meh". I also had very depressing following days. I tested the yellow domino with EZtest, and I am not sure either the colour is purple (ecstasy) or black (DXM). Photo: http://i66.tinypic.com/6tiln6.jpg

May 15, 2017, 9:41 pm GMT


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