Pill Report: Red Pacman
Red Pacman


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September 15, 2016
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Circular pill with a small sector cut out at the side to represent the shape of a pacman, 250mg of MDMA in each pill, waiting to be verified but I believe it.
9.0 mm
9.0 mm
Solid, well pressed not dusty.
No edges, curved.
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

Got these pills about 2 weeks ago, and tried them the same night I got them, I got them off a well trusted contact and I got a good few for me and my mates.

Went to this gaf party and dropped about 12am and dropped, my first come up was average about 40 minutes or so, very clean nice come up hit me hard though even though I'd say I've a high tolerance.

Everyone in the house was on them, most of the people on them had a lot of clenching and eye wiggles, jaws in full motion the whole lot, everyone seemed very chatty including myself.

Overall very clean good strong buzz that had me going till early in the morning until I dropped again that morning.


bearlove2 (member since August 20, 2015)

How was the comedown?

Thanks for sharing

September 19, 2016, 7:27 am GMT

feroirl (member since September 15, 2016)

To be honest the first few times I've done them I didn't feel a come down, I've been on them the last like 3 weekends and I've only ever felt 1 come down which wasn't that bad actually, I usually get really bad comedowns but with the pill for some strange reason I'm not too bad, maybe because I don't stop dropping till early in the morning, but my friend she said she had a bad comedown off it so I guess it's just everyone to their own

September 19, 2016, 10:40 pm GMT

yolosauraus (member since October 14, 2016)

Took 2 of these last night and by god do i feel like death today stomach is in knots and i cant use the toilet at all!! I didnt take anything other than the pills, i had a few cans but thats it. No way these pills are 250mg either,i got little if any buzz off the either of them and although id take pills regulary i usually come up off anything but these were useless. Id advice people not to buy these or take them, not good for the system.

October 14, 2016, 8:25 pm GMT

patbyrnepool (member since May 31, 2016)

Had a few of these at picnic. They didn't agree with me, but loads of friends had no problem with them. I felt unwell and threw up about an hour after taking a half. Wasn't on anything else at the time. The same happened the following day where I felt unwell but didn't get sick.

Because of this I'd like to believe they aren't pure MD and there's some other stuff in them, but the come up itself was quite good and they lasted a normal amount of time after that.

These are the only pills I've had that made me feel unwell and throw up, and even though was fine for other people, I'd say just air on the side of caution with them at first to see how your body handles them.

October 23, 2016, 2:20 pm GMT

colml (member since October 26, 2016)

Got these tonight from one the rickshaw drivers on harcourt street, fine for about an hour and the a really hard come up. I never usually have a bad come up, but I was sweating and vomiting for at least 20 minutes. Be careful with these ones. Quite strong

October 26, 2016, 4:14 am GMT