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August 13, 2013
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Red color pill with a Mac Apple logo on one side of it.
Mac Apple
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Dear Pill Reports Site Team,

I was visiting Barcelona where I bought the Red Mac Apple pill (Photo Attached). It was my first experience with E pills and unfortunately it was a worst one! I had dinner with my friend and went clubbing. We do not take alcohol. 30 minutes after we took the pill, it hit us, I felt very thirsty, temperature was felt all over my body and was going up to my head! I was afraid of what is happening especially that I couldn't control it or stop it! I felt like need to go out for fresh air! Bought a new bottle of water and went out quickly where in minutes I felt like needed to sit down. Took of my shirt as I felt very hot and was sweating (July 2013), my friend and I couldn’t stand up, we were aware of everything happening around us but can't control our bodies to stand up and leave the place. Each time we want to move or stand we feel very dizzy.20 minutes later we couldn’t walk no more than 30 meters where we both vomit. After vomiting we rest for like 10 minutes and felt much better and could walk back to the tube station. Ps: feeling was good after we vomit, felt very friendly and talkative, and felt like not want to go to the hotel instead wanted to go to a sauna to have sex. No side effects were felt later on.
Any feedback on what happened to us as first experience with E pill? I still have 3 more pills at my place where I get the chance to take of photo of and uploaded to your website, so do you know anything about this pill? Was it because we were new with E so we should have taken half pill or the pill itself was bad? Your feedback on this is highly appreciated.


jooked (member since October 30, 2009)

Im not very educated with pills from overseas. My guess, from what it seems...and its just a guess, that floory feeling you get typically happens when you take a good dose of MDMA, almost like spaghetti feeling legs. Vomitting does happen pretty often to were you feel like a gag is about to come on pretty much right before your roll hits....No bad after effects? And you felt talkative, and friendly towards people? Doesnt sound like a pipe to me?

Also, did you have an easy time falling asleep? You felt like fucking? To me sounds like you were on a good one...I mean, did music sound good? Did your eyes kinda wiggle outta control when you saw lights flashing? There really isn't any way to know what exactly your body consumed with out a testkit. Im just asking these general ideas associated with taking the drug Exstacy.

August 13, 2013, 4:53 am GMT

connectuu (member since August 13, 2013)

Dear Jooked,

Thank you for your feedback.
Back to the hotel from the party I had sex with my partner, he slept easily while I took some time to sleep thinking of many things at the same time. Good mood started 10 minutes after we vomited.
I agree with you that a test will be the best to have clearer info.
I will see if it is easy and affordable to test this kind of pills in Lebanon by going to a lab as I still have 3 of them.

Thx again for your time and I will keep you updated.

Ps: I am travelling soon to Mykonos Island in Greece and my friend was thnking of repeating the E experience, any hint or advise of how to know if a pill is suspicious, good or bad?

August 13, 2013, 12:33 pm GMT

facedbeyond (Moderator)

^Buy a test kit for 20 bux. the marquis reagent is only around 20 us dollars. you basically break off a tiny amount of the pill(match head size) and then drop 1 drop of liquid reagent onto the sample and wait to see what color it turns. if it turns dark purple, its real mdma/mda/ecstasy. unfortunately, in this day & age, even in europe which has the best pills, testing is essential. this is the best advice you will get :)

August 13, 2013, 2:46 pm GMT

connectuu (member since August 13, 2013)

Dear Facedbeyond, your feedback was highly appreciated;-) thank you a lot.. All the best..

August 13, 2013, 7:01 pm GMT