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April 16, 2012
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i just wanted to post this because for here in hawaii theres only a awesome report & a super shitty report so id like to say for the record-

these Green Mitsubishi's are some of the best things to come thru hawaii- ecspecially at this time.good shits hard to come i went to an event that was at aloha tower & me & my bestfriend got 3 of these each.sorry i didnt take a pic of them.i didnt plan on doing a report till this morning because these where a great come down.

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9:00pm i dropped my first one with water.hanging out.talking to friends i havent seen in awhile.

9:30pm- cigarretes are starting to be slightly is great.

10:00pm-by ten i was shuffling around.felt the pill coming up.sweating like a monkey in the jungle.gave a lightshow.but nothing really is definitly awesome.visuals are getting better.eyes slightly sensitive to the laser lights.

10:45pm- nothing to epic.pretty calm roll.ask my boy how hes doing.we agree that the second one was going to slap us in the face.

11:00pm- dropped the second pill while dancing in the middle of the crowd.& continued to flow with the music.

11:15pm- you either have to poop or puke & for me- i gotta still on the dance floor shuffling as if theres no tomarrow.talking to my sister & then- the off to the side.gag spit up some foam but thats about it.whenever i puke while rolling as soon as im done ill be rolling tits.

11:45pm- yes we are in high gear now.i begin to notice im chewing pretty hard on my gum- but JUST chewing.i didnt notice any hardcore clentching at all.eye wiggles are in affect.the bass & i are one heartbeat.i want to end world hunger.i want to scream i love you to anyone within a 5 foot radius of me.yes we have confirmed this is DEFINITLY MDMA.

12:30am- still going pretty hard off these first more this point i got my bandana on & my shades.lights are awesome but hurt & the chewings gotten slightly worst.but gum handles that problem just fine.still no clentching.which i loved.

1:25am- coming down off my second pill.taking it easy.musics great.enjoying cigarretes.apparently almosted downed a pack.talking to friends.and then back to shuffling!im definitly coming down but the second one is still hanging in there.coming in & out.

2:00am- events over.great event but i have a nasty habit of keeping my last roll untl i get back to the get the peoples together get in the car to go back to our side of the island.

2:30am- in the car realized that i was sitting in what seemed to be the most comforatable chair EVER.second one still kicking.

3:00am- got back to our side & dropped the 3rd little bugger with some water.

3:25am- and i have become the shuffling god once shuffling around.letting by boys 12" kicker kick my ass.then oh i must spit up more foam.walk off to the side spit up alittle bit get my grip on myself.smoke some weed now that were not in a event & that kicks it even MORE!

3:45am- pretty sure by this point i was doing lightshows for friends.conversating with the a lightshow & my eyes where uncontrolable.i dont think my eyes have wiggled this much since the purple LV's.chewing on gum still and fortunetly still no clentching.

4:30am- still rolling.its real settle now.not intense.just smoking some weed.laying next to the sub.

5:30am- im starting to feel tired from the night.still rolling-ish.i definitly still feel it but im kinda floored.just relaxing.

7:00am- iv NEVER done this on a roll but apparently i just kinda fell asleep.woke up in the back of my friends car with the sun on me & drove home.

12:35pm- i actually slept!?without a problem!?thats a real first for me.i never fall asleep that easy when rolling.usually cant sleep until maybe 8 or 10am in the morning so it was an AWESOME suprise that i slept without discomfort or overheating.and another first for me- as soon as i woke up i was STARVING all i wanted was a hamburger & some curly fries- AND A SODA :D.oh and i had no sore jaw this morning.doesnt even feel like i was chewing all night.

so over all id like to say these green mitsubishis were bomb!there had a great roll to them.nothing to intense but just clentching.chewing yes.eye wiggles for SURE.alittle bit of gagging but but i didnt hurl my brains out.went to sleep like a baby woke up fine & actually wanted to eat.
& that in my book sounds perfect.a great roll with not so many downsides.GETTIN UHM WHILE THERE AROUND!
who knows when the next good thing will come thru here.


pokepoke420 (member since March 22, 2011)

Good report man. I also have a report up of these, I enjoyed these very thoroughly. I was getting accused of having a "dealer" report because some people were saying how weak these were. Uhm, no, these were actually pretty good ills. Glad you enjoyed them just like I did brotha!

April 16, 2012, 3:30 am GMT

crobarkid00 (member since August 22, 2011)

Yea these green mitsus disappeared quick. Good dosed pill thou.
u guys seem to get cali pills, so i wonder if the new pokes will make their way to the island.

April 16, 2012, 3:48 am GMT

weerez (member since March 21, 2009)

I know this off topic, but has anyone heard of grey mitsubishi going around?

April 18, 2012, 4:55 am GMT

pokepoke420 (member since March 22, 2011)

no have not heard of any greys

April 18, 2012, 5:41 am GMT

saferollin (member since April 16, 2012)

a grey roll doesnt sound right?

April 21, 2012, 11:15 pm GMT

rollinhaard808 (member since June 15, 2012)

Can I have your number so I can buy real, legit rolls?

June 15, 2012, 5:21 am GMT