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Pablo Escobar
Date Submitted: April 11, 2017, 9:17 pm GMT
Last Updated: April 20, 2017, 7:58 am GMT
Submitted By: staysafe4you (member since May 21, 2016)
Name: Pablo Escobar
State/Province: East
Logo: Pablo Escobar
Colour: Purple
Shape: Round
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Marquis - purple to black
Mandelin - purple to black
Liebermann - black to blackish-darkbrown

Smell: strong aniseed

Some white powder inside when broken in half, tiny white crystals can be seen on outside.

Online-lab content results between 130-160mg
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: Tested Only
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Mandelin Reagent: Black
Marquis Reagent: Black
Consumed: yes
User Report: 22.45 - 1/2 a pill
23.15 - felt a strong mdma aura coming on.
23.45 - pretty heavy body rushes but lack of mental, decided to drop second half
00.30 - eye wiggles, bruxism, euphoria, music feels good
03.15 - starting to land, long peak

Next day: slept like a baby,and days after without any signs of comedown.

These ones are good stay-at-home rolls. Two weeks since last roll (stupid), but worked like a sharm.

Estimating around 160 clean, 8.5/10.
Pill Report: Pablo Escobar
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