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Date Submitted: January 5, 2017, 8:18 am GMT
Submitted By: ruttergsxr (member since January 5, 2017)
Name: Tomorrowland
State/Province: Nottingham
Logo: Tomorrowland
Colour: Purple
Shape: Cut out (0.45mg)
Texture: Shiny/smooth
Edges: Sharp
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Really well made pill. Obviously given the usual only take half from the dealer. Was told around 200 mg mark mdma
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Just bought on the off chance as haven't seen any nice looking pills for years. I have taking now and then since 95.
Have tried most from the best to worst and I am always looking for that original 1st time buzz..(aren't we all)
Consumed b4 pub half at 1900. I Had a few cans of polish lager ,big glass of single malt and a bowl of white widow in my bong earlier on in the day . Come up started at about 2000It wasn't harsh at all and only seemed to last 30 mins before the eye wiggles and everything started looking sparkly. Seemed very clean so took the the other half at about 2100 in the pub. It was a good setting but not much of a come up just more intense visuals and loved up feeling. Pupils took over my eyes and everything was super interesting. Took a full 1 again at 1030 but again didn't feel the come but seemed to extend the peak. Went home at midnight and watched films till 0300 which were even more interesting and could feel myself super involved. 2 mates were sniffing coke but I just enjoyed the roll. Fell asleep easy enough but did feel like poo when I woke up. I took 5 htp for 4 days after which completely put a stop to the mid week blues.
Recommend the pill but not as good as the original doves that I first took so I will keep looking. Be kind as this is 1 st review and when I get some more I will do another. I'd give it 6/10. Probably at a guess 120 mg mdma but very clean. Maybe I just miss the original mda mix. I have picture of them but can't upload. Can I send to some1 for them to do it?
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