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Pink Supreme
Date Submitted: December 27, 2016, 11:18 pm GMT
Submitted By: selfdestruct88 (member since November 22, 2016)
Name: Pink Supreme
State/Province: FL
Logo: CP Pressed into the back with breakline
Colour: Pink with sparkles
Shape: rectangular
Texture: pretty crumbly
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Last roll was two months ago off some bunk tomorrowlands (red, yellow, and blue) so wife and I were looking forward to a good clean roll. Before we took the tomorrowlands my wife had some issues with anxiety during her previous to rolls because of issues at home.

Forgot to get pictures of my test but I'll test what I have left and post results. Both tests went straight to black >10 seconds.

Background: I am female, 5'8" 190lbs rolled ~15 times. Wife is 5'5" 150lbs rolled ~50 times over 15 years. Both of us are experienced and have a mild tolerance. We used the supplement list found on rollsafe which includes the following:
6 hours before: 200mg Magnesium Glycinate
2 hours before: 100mg Na-R-ALA 200mg Magnesium Glycinate 1000mg Vitamin-C 400mg EGCG 100mg Grape Seed Extract 100mg CoQ10
30 mins before: 1x Tums/Rolaids
2 hours after dosing: 100mg Na-R-ALA 200mg Magnesium Glycinate 1000mg Vitamin-C 100mg Grape Seed Extract
Once we dose it sometimes gets harder to remember what to take, but we managed it this time.
Setting: nice hotel in our home city, big rooms and nice jacuzzi tub for when the peak hits. We have 5 big fuzzy blankets and 15 pillows creating a nest on the soft bed.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Mandelin Reagent: Black
Marquis Reagent: Black
Consumed: yes
User Report: Setting: nice hotel in our home city, big rooms and nice jacuzzi tub for when the peak hits. We have 5 big fuzzy blankets and 15 pillows creating a nest on the soft bed.

4:42pm crushed and parachuted a whole pill. Had eaten about 5 hours prior. Talking to my friend Z to help soothe the come up anxiety. Also cracked up 8 glow sticks.

5:20 body high is beginning, everything feels soft and fuzzy. No heavy dilation or sensitivity to light. Laying in bed with my wife just playing with her hair and it feels amazing. I'm feeling really cold. Have to cover up and my hands feel like ice. This is different than usual, usually I am hot and sweaty but the room is set on 70 which I was not used to.

5:26 euphoria is coming on, this is a mild come up unlike the supreme 2.0s. Those bad boys hit hard and fast. Pupils are dilating and we turn off the tv and crank up our EDM playlist. Vitamin Water XXX is amazing right now. Starting to sweat a little because of all the fuzzy blankets.

5:35 outside smoking and life is BEAUTIFUL. Texting my buddy Z telling him how much I love life. We smoked another and headed up to lay down.

6:00 laying in bed with my wife, she's feeling anxious so I massage her head and neck until she calms down. We listen to music and sink into our nest of pillows and blankets.

6:40 outside smoking again because Menthols are king, still texting with Z telling him how much I love everything.

6:50 back in the room I decide to take another half and so does the wife. Now we are listening to music, getting naked and cuddly. We talk and kiss and just love being with each other. Kissing her feels like absolute heaven. I fell as if I am literally melting at this point, sex drive is high but I wait for her to initiate due to some issues we had on 2 rolls prior (issues at home caused extreme anger and anxiety for her the last two times we rolled before the bunk tomorrowlands)

6:55 sitting in the shower as my wife uses our tea tree oil and mint shampoo to wash my hair. God the smell is amazing. We put 5 glow sticks in the tub and the water looked beautiful with colored bubbles.

7:35 just got out of the shower. I lay on the bed naked and wifey decides she wants some sexy time.

8:30 taking a break from sex so wifey can give me a light show. She makes me lose my mind to Sandstorm and it feels magical.

8:35 lots of sex and NSFW details going on here. Maybe a smoke break or two but this lasts the remainder of the roll
10:30 we smoke our last cigarette and my wife massages me legs for me, I always get jumpy legs on my comedown making it hard to relax.

11:30 feeling almost completely sober. Trying to go to bed but I had taken some excedrine earlier due to a headache so it doesn't seem likely.

All in all this is how I would rate it
-Jaw clenching 4/10 thanks to magnesium -Euphoria 7/10 just not as strong as I was expecting. But that could be due to my anxiety over her having another bad roll
-Eye wiggles 6/10 pretty strong but I could still focus
-Music and lights 8/10
-Body high 8/10 I would put these as a would do again if my favorite Supreme 2.0's weren't available.

Was pretty upset this morning, lots of crying for no reasons, hoping the HTP 5 and EGCG will cure that.
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