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Pill Reports - ecstasy test results database

Pillreports is a global database of "Ecstasy" pills based on both subjective user reports and scientific analysis. "Ecstasy" is traditionally the name for MDMA based pills, however here we also include closely related substances such as MDA, MDEA, MBDB. Pills sold as "Ecstasy" often include other, potentially more dangerous, substances such as methamphetamine, ketamine and PMA.

By identifying dangerous adulterants, Pillreports performs a vital harm reduction service that can prevent many of the problems associated with "Ecstasy" use before they happen. Prevention is always better than cure, as you cannot cure death.

Please Note: exists as a harm reduction tool and does not condemn or condone ecstasy use.

Pillreports is brought to you by Enlighten Harm Reduction.
Latest News

February 24, 2017-ALERT - Fluoroamphetamine and NBOMe again found in a cap sold as MD- Canberra

Posted by johnboy @ 3:18 am GMT

An Ultra Alert Health Advisory has been issued by the ACTINOS Project (Canberra) for Pink & Clear Capsules sold as MDMA, containing brown coarse granular material which was identified as Flouroamphetamine and 25C-NBOMe. A person who consumed this drug combination was admitted to hospital suffering convulsions.

These capsules contained no MDMA, although capsules involved in the recent Chapel Street overdose incident in Melbourne (January 2017) contained a very small quantity of MDMA in combination with Flouroamphetamine and 25C-NBOMe.

For full details please see the ACTINOS Ultra Alert (click to view/download the pdf).

February 3, 2017-Mix of 25C-NBOMe, 4-FA and MDMA sold as MDMA in Melbourne AUS

Posted by johnboy @ 7:00 am GMT

tl;dr NBOMe mixtures sold as MDMA are around, don’t snort unknown caps, use test-kits wisely, look after your mates, and get your lab student/worker friends to contact us so we don’t need to rely on labs in Barcelona to access high-quality drug testing in Australia!

On the weekend 15-16 January 2017, there was a spate of poisonings, hospitalisations and deaths that have been associated a batch of capsules that were reportedly sold as MDMA or Ecstasy. Punters at Revolver nightclub and other clubs on Melbourne’s Chapel Street were affected.

The contents of these caps appeared damp, more like a brown sugar consistency than crystals or powder.

We obtained anonymous reports from people who consumed these capsules. The reports describe very strong hallucinogenic symptoms and paranoia. While in most cases, the symptoms resolved without medical intervention, they were very unpleasant, with one person reporting that they ‘felt like they were going to die or never be the same again’.

Reagent test kit results were shared by Bernie Maitri: these reports showed the substance was unlikely to be MDMA-like, and could instead contain PM(M)A or 2C-T-X. However these results were inconclusive, so we arranged to send a sample of this drug to Barcelona, where Energy Control conducts an international testing service. Mireia Ventura conducted the tests with GC/MS and LC/MS. The testing confirmed that the contents of the capsules:

- 4-FA (main substance)
- a low amount of MDMA
- 25C-NBOMe

This mixture is consistent with the reports. 25C-NBOMe is highly potent with only microgram doses required to produce strong hallucinogenic effects. 4-FA is an amphetamine-type stimulant which has been described as having an effect somewhere between amphetamine and MDMA. It is concerning that a low amount of MDMA was detected in the mixture, as this may be an indication that the manufacturers were hoping to fool reagent test kits by including enough MDMA to produce a positive result.


December 26, 2016-Please check out Lives of Substance

Posted by johnboy @ 4:19 am GMT

"This website has two aims. First, it aims to support people who consider themselves to have an alcohol or other drug addiction, dependence or habit, and second, it aims to inform the public by sharing personal stories of these experiences. Why this website now? The media has long been filled with stories of addiction and drug use, but these stories often rely on stereotypes and offer few clues about the range of people affected by addiction issues, the variety of experiences people have and the many ways they cope and even thrive. Lives of Substance aims to fill in the many gaps in public discussions of addiction, to counter stigmatising misconceptions, and to promote understanding and more effective community responses.

The website is based on a carefully conducted research project that collected detailed life stories of people who consider themselves to have an addiction, dependence or drug habit. These stories were analysed by a team of highly experienced researchers, and key themes were identified. These are presented here using video re-enactments, original audio recordings and written extracts from the interviews."

February 5, 2015-WARNING! - PMA/PMMA is being sold as MDMA in Victoria Australia

Posted by johnboy @ 2:52 am GMT

In recent months DanceWize has received a number of reports from our peers in the dance community who use Mecke and Mandelin reagent tests sourced online (or from a limited number of retailers in Melbourne) that substances purchased as MDMA (colloquially referred to as Ecstasy) were in fact other Novel Psychoactive Substances, including methylone, 2CB, 2CI, and 2CE. Further, of more concern, such reagent tests have also indicated with a high degree of certainty that PMA/PMMA is in circulation in Victoria masquerading as MDMA.

The substances tested were described as a clear capsule containing white powder that had a subtle purple hue, and a circular orange pill with a capitalised ‘B’ press.

This is extremely concerning due to the dangers associated with PMA/PMMA, which is known to elevate body temperature dramatically and has been linked to deaths around the world from hyperthermia (overheating). When partying, if you or anyone else seems to be experiencing fever-like symptoms please seek urgent medical attention and make every effort to reduce core body temperate (drink water, remove clothing layers, apply ice packs to hot spots, and move to a cooler environment if necessary). Remember emergency services are there to help not judge, so don’t hesitate!

DanceWize encourages partygoers to be aware of this trend and consider pill testing as an advisable harm reduction tool. If you would like additional harm reduction educational information please contact DanceWize via the Harm Reduction Victoria website:

from press release dated 5/2/2015

October 25, 2009-HOW TO RATE REPORTS

Posted by ravenousblonde @ 4:57 am GMT


When rating a report (thumbs up/thumbs down), you are rating the QUALITY OF THE REPORT - *NOT* THE PILL!!

PR Admin Team & Mods.

January 15, 2014-Current Staff List - 2016

Posted by bearlove @ 11:54 am GMT

Hi Everyone,

Please see below a list of staff members per section


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October 4, 2013-Mods from years gone by.

Posted by bearlove @ 10:00 pm GMT

Hi Everyone, I thought it would be nice to show our thanks and gratitude to all the mods that have worked on the site and helped make it what it is today.

Not in any particular order but thanks to each and everyone of them

RavenousBlonde (Massive hugs - always )
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Obviously the site would not be here if it was not for
Johnboy so massive respect is due :)

Bearlove and the team

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